LokAdhikar Needs Your Support!

We are all on the planet together. We are all part of the fight against poverty, child labour and pollution. We-you and us at Lok ADhikar-are already jointly implementing solutions that make the world better. When you generously donate even a small sum to Lokadhikar, the rewards to people and the planet are instant and deep.

We at once plan on how to use your donation and fill in our gaps. For example, we are enabling girls who once picked trash to ace English and Math in grade 8 upwards, thanks to a compassionate artist who donated her sales to us. This is key to keeping them away from landfills and child marriage. We use donations for addressing burning problems innovatively. For example, a citizens’ donation contributed to our developing inexpensive but highly usable home composters, preventing landfills from rising higher. Sometimes, we use donations for bold new initiatives. Our work on air pollution is supported by citizens who want Indians to breathe clean air.

With every single rupee you donate to Lokadhikar, you:

  • Make our planet cleaner and safer
  • Help fight poverty
  • Empower children to stop working and build a strong future

Join hands with Lokadhikar. Invest in a world you’d be proud to live in.

LokAdhikar Needs Your Support